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In the vibrant landscape of Oman’s business and technology, Almaden is led by a dynamic trio, each bringing unique expertise and a wealth of experience to the forefront.

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Guiding Almaden’s Vision in Oman - Our Leadership Team

Title: Senior Executive – Administration and HR Management

Bio: With a Master’s in Sociology, Fadil boasts 27 years of government service in Oman. His expertise lies in administration and human resources management, coupled with active participation in professional training and development programs.


Title: Founder and Principal, Dr. Rashed bin Salem Al Badi Solicitors and Legal Consultants

Bio: A retired Police Brigadier with a Doctorate in Law and Police Sciences, Dr. Rashid brings a wealth of experience. His extensive leadership roles in the Royal Oman Police, parliamentary engagement, and legal practice showcase his multifaceted expertise in management and institutional development.



Title: Technical & Business Development Manager

Bio: An Omani national, Mohamed holds a First-class Honors degree in Computer and Internet Applications. His strategic recruitment skills and adeptness in organizational strategy have played pivotal roles in fostering growth. His career milestones include successfully managing complex technical and business development processes.


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